Shuler’s BBQ

The night before we made our trek back up to NY, I just so happened to be watching The Profit on CNBC and now I’m hooked! His no-nonsense approach to running a business and making a profit has already helped my own business, not to mention that the restaurant that he was helping was along the route on I95 in the direction that we were going. Perfect – this was right up my alley. Pit stop and the destination then became Shuler’s BBQ in Lata, SC. I must tell you that this was the best Southern food that I have ever eaten in a restaurant. I could not believe that the quality of the food was served on a buffet, but it was true. Now, as my mouth waters as it remembers those fall-off-the-bone ribs, or perfectly cooked rutabegas, I am mentally mapping a route back to Lata, SC. After all, I’m from South Carolina so it’s only respectful that I go back and eat the best food I can.


I moved to NYC over 15 years ago. I only intended on staying one year, but you see I'm still here and loving it.

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