Met Harry Singh Owner of Bolla Market

Once again, just by the virtue of living in NYC, all of my dreams come true on a daily basis. Not being glammed up, of course this is the day that I meet one of the great CEO’s that NY has bred – Harry Singh. I instantly recognize him and pummel him for any nugget of wisdom that he can offer. I think he thought that I was a basic chic and he said to basically work hard, support yourself, and I think something to the effect of not relying on any government support. A little taken aback, I informed him that I own a business and I wanted to know his take on making large purchases when moving into an office space. He said not to be afraid of large purchases because an investment in technology and getting the best equipment was essential. So I did take away two things – I will invest in my business and I will try to not leave my home unless I’m glammed up.


I moved to NYC over 15 years ago. I only intended on staying one year, but you see I'm still here and loving it.

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