Greek Speaks to Me

So after smelling the wonderful chargrill smell of this little greek restaurant in Bayside, I finally decided to try it. And oh boy am I glad that I did. I had the gyro with extra white sauce..the name and spelling will come to me later, but mmmm was it the best gyro that I have ever had. So to make things better,  as we were leaving, I saw construction happening next door. Of course I ask if they are expanding, but to my surprise and delight, the new part will be a cafe where they will sell pastries and…wait for it….CREPES. Ahh, can it get any better,  right here in Queens? Well, I plan on finding out.

Until the next food adventure.



I moved to NYC over 15 years ago. I only intended on staying one year, but you see I'm still here and loving it.

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