Elevate Your Banana

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Elevate Your Banana

I love watching cooking shows and one day I saw the cook off between Tia and her husband. He had a great recipe for a banana dessert. We had had a similar banana treat at a very expensive restaurant before but we couldn’t figure out how to fry the bananas the same way, until her show. Tia’s husband said all you have to do is add sugar to the bananas before you cook them and this will create the browning effect. Of course, why didn’t I think of that? My mother-in-law uses a similar technique to brown her chicken. Viola – we didn’t and it was a light and refreshing dessert, especially when you add chocolate chip ice cream and dollop of whip cream. Yum, yum!


I moved to NYC over 15 years ago. I only intended on staying one year, but you see I'm still here and loving it.

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